Home Decor Ideas using Easy DIYs

Home Decor Ideas using Easy DIYs


Our house is the only place where after a tiring day at work, we feel the calmest. And to keep the house calm and peaceful, decorating it well plays a crucial role. And the best way to decorate your house is with some cute little decor pieces, air purifying plants, light furnishings, etc.

Below are some fun DIY ideas that you can incorporate as per your house. And for your ease, we have divided the home decor DIYs into three different areas, i.e., Kitchen Decor, Living Room Decor, and Bedroom Decor.

  1. Kitchen Decor- Kitchen is the place in our house where we spend time experimenting with new dishes and cooking those late-night maggies. Earlier kitchens used to be very simple with only kitchen essentials in it and not a single decor piece. But now, people have understood the importance of kitchen decor and to make it more pleasing, adding kitchen decors is a great idea. And to do so below is an easy DIY.
  • A Kitchen Board- Make the entrance of your kitchen more happening and DIY a kitchen door board that reads- “Sharma’s Cafe”, or “24*7 Kitchen Service”, etc. This decor piece can be placed on your kitchen door, or if you like, you can hang it somewhere in the kitchen.
  1. Living Room Decor- An area where all the family members lounge the most is the living room. This is the place where we all spend most of our family time, eat our meals, play games, and more. And this is why renovating your living area frequently is needed, so that the family do not get bored of the place.
  • A Wall Decor- Take an old but spotless printed shirt or fabric. Cut it in a rectangular shape and make an inverted V at one side of the cloth. Now at the other side, glue a stick (a plastic pipe, broomstick, etc.) and tie yarn to hang it. Decorate the hanging with pompoms in the bottom and you are done.
  1. Bedroom Decor- After a productive day at work and at home, everyone likes to jump into their bed for a sound sleep. But do you know, many of us have sleeping disorders because of an unhealthy environment? So, to keep your bedroom’s environment clean, add some air-purifying plants in the room.
  • A Plant Hanging- Take an empty tin jar and colour it with some bright acrylic colours. Now, make two holes in the opposite side of the container and tie a jute rope or woollen yarn for hanging. Place some money plant stems in this tin jar and fill it up with water (or soil). You can hang it on your curtain rods or can also place it on your bedside table.

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All these DIYs are easy and quick. And will make your house more put together and stylish. Also, these DIYs can be used in other areas of your house instead of the ones mentioned above. Happy creating!

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