Basketball Machine and the Famous Shooting Drills

Basketball Machine


Basketball players’ skills evolve with endless practice sessions, thanks to various drills. A rebounding net basketball machine, specifically designed for advanced basketball practices and speed-up drills, would accelerate the players’ progress.

So, we can say that new-generation basketball machines are ideal for practicing any drill. But here the question is, what famous drills can an NBA player practice with these machines? Check below. Also, find the name of the best place for having the top-level shooting machine.

Spot-up shooting: It involves players trying to catch and shoot the ball while standing still, much like when they come into offense receiving passes from players; it also refers to basketball shooting machines which they use to perfect their spot-up shooting from several places on the floor including the corners, wings, and top of the key. Players, through this particular drill, can mainly train themselves the right crispy one. This is all about the idea of spot-up shooting. It helps the players to cope with non-stretch situations by expanding from their current location.

Rip and Drive: A rip and drive is a move in which the player makes a pitching motion towards the basket and drives to fill the open space while the defender tries to block his way. This could help the player figure out when to use the drive-cut decision without getting stuck on his ground. This drill increases the players’ sprinting, handwork, and finishing skills while moving.

Three-Point Shooting: The three-point shooting drills are mainly used to build a player’s capacity to shoot from long distances, relying on their prowess. Such players use a shooter basketball to learn the technique effectively, with the three-pointers made from beyond the arc both off the catch and off the dribble. This helps the players to gradually shift their shooting range, gain a sense of security, and become more confident from a great distance.

Free Throw Shooting: The drills dealing with free throw shooting are necessities for NBA players, enabling them to take every advantage of every scoring chance during the game. Players can train in real game conditions and execute the exercise repeatedly to master free throw shots. The procedure will apply to the players a range of concentration, smoothness, and muscle memory, which help them to maintain an easy flow of scoring when the game is on. This is one of the best basketball shooting drills.

Game-Specific Situational Shooting: One of the most effective ways for players to improve is through game-specific situational shooting, a drill elaborately defined to resemble true game scenarios, such as catch-and-shoot opportunities, pick-and-roll situations, and coming off screens. NBA players use shooting machines to practice these scenarios and perfect their skills repeatedly.

Shooting Under Pressure: Shooting under pressure drills are used for practicing combat-like situations where players must score with shots that they usually make under pressure. NBA players use a shooting machine basketball to simulate situations where they need to dribble while targeting the basket. Instead of moving freely and lining up a shot, the basketball players practice under conditions where they have to compete with various kinds of stress coming from outside and inside the player himself/herself.

Get Conditioning and Endurance with the Famous Shooting Drills

Developing resilience in shooting is not the only purpose of shooting machines; on the contrary, shooting machines can also be used for conditioning and endurance, where players shoot continuously for extended periods to improve their stamina and endurance. Initially, these drills were believed to have the most utility in repeating sprinting events with little rest. However, now players are making the most of this drill as it turns out that it has far broader utility other than just quick across-the-floor running.


To sum up, NBA players benefit greatly from shooting drills because they can fine-tune their shooting accuracy to take their game a notch higher. Elite players have been guided by opportunities like simulating game situations to work on shooting accuracy and improve the mental and physical characteristics essential for the game.

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