Add A Touch of Elegance to Home Interiors with Veneer Sheets

Add A Touch of Elegance to Home Interiors with Veneer Sheets


We often build our dream house with the utmost love and care by carefully choosing the best pieces of furniture that fit into the larger ambience we are trying to set. This is because the interior of a house is an extension or a reflection of us and our identity.  We can choose to decorate it in multiple ways depending on the look we are trying to achieve: traditional, vintage, modern, chic, boho or even a completely abstract style that is hundred percent original and yours but one fact remains that veneer sheets are the best way to bring your interiors alive.

What are veneer sheets?

Wood veneers are thin sheets of wood that are used as a finishing layer for countless number of furniture tops such as beds, cupboards, cabinets, and even wall panels. They are extremely elegant and enliven any room they are used in. These veneer sheets can be made from a myriad of wood species such as  mahogany, oak, black cherry, maple, American walnut, ash etc. They are available in various wood types like natural wood veneers, composite veneers, reconstituted veneers and more.
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Decorative veneers offer many benefits to anyone seeking to style their home or even office interiors with a touch of elegance. Let us explore a few of them in detail:

Sophisticated, seamless finish:

Natural wood is highly valued for its vintage and old-school charm. But if you are someone who loves well-finished furniture with a glossy look, decorative veneers might just be what you’re looking for. Veneers come in different textures, designs and finishes to complement your surfaces and make them look plush and regal.

Brute strength:

Veneers are added as a finishing layer to many different surfaces, automatically increasing its strength and durability. Veneer sheets are produced by gluing thin layers of wood with adhesives, it is a lot more resistant to splitting and warping. This, in turn, increases the life of the furniture or other architectural structures.


Compared to hardwood that is made by chopping a large number of trees, veneer sheets can be made from almost any part of a tree, thereby minimizing the wastage of wood from a tree log.


Each wood veneer sheet is uniquely designed, owing to its origin from a specific tree. In fact, even when a sheet is derived from the same tree, the different growth rings of the tree establish a unique pattern, giving every sheet an individuality. The choices in wood veneers, therefore, are virtually endless.


Wood veneers are natural products obtained from the environment. They are generally non-toxic. Due to continuous technological innovations and the availability of non-toxic adhesives in the market, these veneer sheets do not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are known to be an environmental pollutant.


Wood veneers are manufactured and sold by a number of trusted brands in the market, like CenturyPly. These brands make sure that every need of the customer is met and offer a veneer solution for every possible surface.


Veneer sheets give the look of a hardwood surface at the fraction of its cost. They are also easier to manipulate into shapes, curved and low in maintenance when compared to solid wood surfaces.

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So, now you know what a decorative wood veneer is and why it is such a sought-after product in the realm of architecture, interior and design. If you are looking for designs that delight, along with exotic and classy finishes, choose veneer sheets for your interiors and watch your friends and family admire your choice.

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