What to Pack When You Are On a Trip to the Caribbean Islands

Pack When You Are On a Trip to the Caribbean Islands


Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean islands? Well, endless delicacies are awaiting at the beach starting from buffet, numerous cocktails, bathing in the infinity pools, sunbathing at the pristine beach, etc. However, before entering into the vacation mode in the Cayman villas of the island, you have to consider some essential stuff which you need to carry for a trouble free and exciting holiday. Here is the checklist which you should not miss before heading to the fascinating destination.

Swimsuit bag

As you are heading towards the beaches of Caribbean, you have to keep the swimsuit bag ready. This is because the damp chlorinated and salty water can ruin your dry clothes from the swimming at the sea. Also, the nylon swimsuit bags are space efficient thereby utilising a small place in your bag.

Bottle and cans

No wonder, you are going to have a taste of the wonderful beverages and alcohols the beach has to offer. So, carrying an insulated bottle or can be a wise decision as you can enjoy the cold drinks for long hours even in the sunny beaches of the Caribbean. Special bottles especially made from neoprene insulated bottle with interesting patterns are available from where you can choose the right ones for your travelling.

Mosquito repellents and sunscreen

Though the resorts or villas like the St. Barts villas will provide you with bug/mosquito repellent, it would be wise to carry your own bottle of all these ointments. Moreover, do not forget to carry a sunscreen with high SPF as the sun can be harsh on your skin during your beach hours.

Mask and snorkel

The island is waiting to greet you with its numerous adventurous retreats like snorkelling and scuba diving. To have an exciting time in the blue ocean, carrying your own snorkel and mask can be a great idea. This is because you can spend more thrilling time without worrying about returning, had you rented it.

Essential medicines

It would be wise to carry some basic first aid kit and medicines that can come handy during your trip to the Caribbean. Meds for fever, pain killers, and other common medicines should be the first thing you need to pack while you are on your way to the island. Moreover, hangover cure tablets can come to your use to avoid the after effects of consuming alcohol.

Floating raft

Another useful kit while you are travelling to the golden beaches of Caribbean is an inflatable floating raft which you can blow up any time to enjoy quality time at the water. These rafts are available in pretty colours and designs that would make your vacation a worth remembering one.

Hence, as you are ready with all these gears and accessories necessary for travelling in the islands, make sure to pack it for an enthralling experience in one of the most beautiful places in this earth for an awesome vacation.

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