What is a wealth management consultant in 2018?

wealth management consultant in 2018


What is your background at BFG Capital?

Coming from the auditing world, at Deloitte I wanted to join a wealth management firm. Indeed, already having the status of manager at the time I wanted to meet new challenges. I joined BFG Capital in early 2012 as a junior wealth management consultant. I quickly evolved into a managerial position and most recently management position in September 2016. BFG Capital offers great prospects for growth, prospects all the more important today as our group is part of a dynamic growth constant and always exponential.

What is a wealth management consultant in 2018?

Today, the business of wealth management is more than ever a profession of listening and consulting. With the multi-product sale (insurance, alarm, phone plan, lease with option to purchase, etc.) practiced by traditional network banks, the customer no longer finds the advice he had previously with his banker “de family “. Indeed, banks must fulfill commercial objectives of selling ancillary products and no longer devote themselves to the patrimonial management of their customers. Only private banks for a privileged population give patrimonial advice to their clients. The vast majority are faced with two types of offer: online banking, or traditional banking, as mentioned above, and playing low-cost airlines.

On the contrary, our firm favors a more qualitative and humane approach with a stable interlocutor, who manages only a limited number of clients in order to guarantee optimum quality and availability in the consulting industry. We respond precisely to the needs of our customers through active listening. This is where our customers define us as a “real banking alternative”.

But what makes you different from another firm?

First, our size. While we are not (yet) a multinational but we are quite large and experienced enough (more than 12 years of existence) to be able to negotiate multiple framework agreements on behalf of our customers. Also, we must remember that our independence is certainly total but especially complete … Concomitant with the agreements that we negotiate, we always seek to propose what is best to our customers by systematically opposing the competitiveness of our partners by forcing them to be efficient. This must be the requirement of every customer.

In addition, one of our biggest obsessions is to always do things differently and better. Our independence then pushes us to redouble our efforts to follow and especially exceed the pace. We have a 720 ° vision, including 360 ° global heritage vision specific to each professional of our profession, and 360 ° vision called “satellite” that can anticipate the career evolution of each investor.

Last but not least, we use an in-house technology, unique to our group, that has been geared to customer needs. The tools we use on a daily basis, the data we are studying, the IT service we offer to consultants, are today our greatest assets and that is what makes our teams so successful. It’s this evolutionary techno, and these innovations that make our firm unique, are our strength and appeal to young and old.

Who are your customers?

Our clients are middle managers and senior executives of CSP + type companies, with comfortable incomes and no access to private management because they do not have a minimum of financial outstanding to deposit directly in private bank. Some banks actually demand the deposit of a minimum amount ranging from € 150,000 to € 300,000. Today, however, it is possible to use wealth management without having such outstanding amounts. Hence our desire to democratize capital and make it accessible to a greater number!

What qualities should a wealth management advisor have?

The wealth management advisor must first and foremost have excellent interpersonal skills, active listening and rigor.

What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue a career in wealth management?

We advise our future consultants to get their hands on a commercial position. It is indeed one of the most beautiful experiences to understand the human approach necessary in our trades because inseparable from a good alchemy and a perfect Intuitu Personae. Whatever the path, business experiences are a real plus in this business, complementing a technical expertise that is often not enough to flourish and succeed. We also advise to be patient in learning because it is a technical profession in a complex environment, which requires an important learning phase and especially practice. Otherwise,

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