Ways you can master your JEE main

master your JEE main


Math, Physics, and Chemistry all three subjects have the same weightage in the JEE Main examination. Physics, Chemistry, and Math numerical problems use topics such as differential equations, calculus, and quadratic equations. Hard work, consistency, and regular practice are the only factors that will pave the way for your success in the examination. The students should practice giving JEE Main mock test as the MCQ format test the applicant’s knowledge base and aptitude.

By attending several JEE Main Mock tests, the students can improve in the examination. Different mock tests have different difficulty levels.

Following are some of the ways you can master your JEE Main examination-

1. Check the JEE primary syllabus

The students should have a clear steer understanding of the syllabus. The JEE primary syllabus for paper 1 covers class 11 and 12 in Math, Chemistry, and Physics. The syllabus is vast, and it truly tests one potential. Hence it is advised to start preparing two to three years in advance. The students should focus on all the critical topics that increase their chances of scoring high in the examination.

2. Physics preparation tips

We all know that Physics is all about concepts and topics; sometimes, the subject can get a little more challenging when the questions become more conceptual. The students should have an idea about the difficulty level and the weightage of various topics. The students should regularly be subjected to JEE main Mock tests for the subject of Physics. The students develop an exam strategy by attending numerous dummy exam scenarios.

3. Practice mock tests regularly.

The mock test questions are designed to be similar to those being asked in the main examination. The time takes to give the test is recorded in real-time. Thus, the countdown timer starts once you start the test. It is crucial to practice the mock tests regularly.

4. Chemistry preparation tips

The questions in chemistry require a balance of analytical and memorization skills. Physical chemistry has analytical queries, and inorganic chemistry has questions that require memorization. They should get to know all the core concepts of the subject.

5. Math preparation tips

The syllabus for Mathematics is quite exhaustive, requiring one to study every concept and topic thoroughly. The students should also practice all kinds of questions on a weekly basis.

6. Solve previous year’s paper and the online mock tests

Time management is a very mandatory skill required to crack this challenging examination. You should practice online mock tests to manage time well on the paper. The students should learn the pattern of solving the questions. There is a trick to solve each question and the students should learn all the tricks. This is only possible through consistent practice. Solving the past year papers will also give you the best idea of the level of the questions that are being asked in this examination.

It is very important to be smart about your goals and strategy for cracking this examination. Positive attitude, consistency and hard work will eventually pave the way for your success!

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