Top Ways To Explore Best Desert Safaris In Dubai

Top Ways To Explore Best Desert Safaris In Dubai


The best way to explore Dubai and know the culture of Emirates is Desert safari. From biking on the sand dunes to spend nights camping under the alluring sky and stars is a great experience ever.

The tours of hot air balloons make you excited and happy to spend more time enjoying the nature and specialties of deserts. We have listed the best desert safaris for you in Dubai to pick for amusement.

Pick the best deserts to experience more pleasure and make the best memories with your friends and families for a lifetime.

Bedouin Life: Wildlife and Falconry By The Heritage Of Platinum

A luxury Land Rover is waiting for you to pick you from your hotel then it will take you to an environment where you will feel relief. The selling point of tours is that it allows guests to experience the real things as Bedouin nomads.

Camels take tourists to the Bedouin camp for enjoying the sunrise and the wildlife that is present in the Desert Conservation Reserve. Here in the desert, you will get amazing guidelines about how to make the best Arabic dishes. These dishes include Arabic bread, Ful medames, and desserts.

Even more, tourists receive guidelines and information about Arabic dancing and many more. You can choose this place to spend a great time here.

Rayna Travel And Tours Offer You Overnight Safari

You go to the desert from Al Awir road by taking pleasure in dune driving and clicks at sunset. Tourists take the ride on camels from head to camp. The next thing to enjoy is the stunning belly dance. 

Many options for amusement are waiting for you. You can also enjoy a fire show, open bar, and henna paintings in the desert. This overnight enjoyment will become a special memory for your lifetime.

When guests and tourists leave the dessert then guides set up beautiful camps that have sleeping bags and blankets. They also enjoy a stargazing talk that is special. 

Watch the moment of sunrise from your camp and take a tasty breakfast. If you pre-book, then the guides of the desert will stop you to come back to Dubai to enjoy biking and sand skiing. 

Atlanta Safari Dubai Offers You Evening Desert Safari

Traveling in the desert safari dubai at night is magical and this evening safari is not much different. It is open for you late afternoon so you can enjoy the astonishing specialties of this desert. 

This is a tour of the desert where guests feel that they are well-taken care of. You find pre-dinner snacks in the camp. Even more, dance lovers enjoy amazing dance shows here. Henna tattoos are also available.

Guests and tourists find a buffet barbecue dinner that includes lamb roasted below the ground, couscous, stews of chicken and apricot, fresh salads, and grilled prawns. This is one of the best dinners Atlanta safari has.

Platinum Heritage: Offer To Overnight Desert Safari And Hot Air Balloon Flight 

Luxury safaris are the better choice for you as you leave the city to spend time in a comfortable environment. Guides provide the history of Dubai to guests and tourists.

You go through all the local traditions and customs. When you reach the Desert Conservation Reserve of Dubai you see turning the tour into safari, the astounding African-style.

Camels take you to the tents that are Arabic styled. When you go to the tent in the evening there will be a peaceful environment. Another magical experience is a hot air balloon flight that you can take in the morning.

Dream Explorer Dubai Offers You Dune Riders 

Unlimited adventure is waiting for you. Adventurous travelers make up the special tour for you. Travelers get swift safety guidelines then you are free for diving and dripping over the beautiful sand dunes and sunburnt. 

Some of the sand dunes are located at a 90-degree angle. The trip offers you travel back. Sandboarding levels make your trip thrilling and amazing.

Sand Trax Desert Safaris Of Dubai Are Offering You Hummer H2 Safari

Hummer H2 safaris pick you from your hotel in a big white color Hummer and the travel of four hours starts here. It takes you to the breathtaking desert. 

Drivers are trained and super organized to make your journey enjoyable in the thrilling dune drive. Moreover, if you love to take pictures then you can click photos at sunset. 

A barbecue dinner is waiting for you with Arabic coffee. You can also enjoy shisha and whirling dervish. Most of the people go to desert safaris in Land Cruiser so your experience in the Hummer will be completely unique.

Arabian Night Tours Offer You Desert Safari

Adrenaline charges the excitement on the steep sand dunes. A post-drive camp is present for tourists and guests. This camp offers you falafel or chicken and the shawarma that is a common Arabic dish made up of ground meat. 

You receive these foods of meat with vegetables and fries. Guests take food serving in the wrap. Travelers also find a barbecue and buffet here like other deserts. 

Another exciting thing for you will be the belly dance, even more, you can get beautiful henna tattoos. You can spend time with your friends at the table before going back to your hotel.

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