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Driving is a joy that can’t be beaten. However, it must also be remembered how dangerous it can become if you aren’t careful.Safe Drivers Course will make your learning easier. Here are some driving tips for new drivers.

Many people find driving a car exciting. We are confident that we can help you understand. It is an important milestone in our lives to be able to drive a car. This milestone must be taken seriously. Although driving can be an amazing experience, it is also dangerous and potentially dangerous. We would like to share some wisdom with you if you just obtained your driver’s license and are ready to drive. We are guessing that you want the wisdom, as you are reading this. Here we go.

1. Practice, practice, and practice again, then practice some more

Once you have completed your formal training at a certified driving school, and you have obtained your permanent or learner’s license, we advise that you not immediately drive in areas where there is heavy traffic. You can practice driving on quiet roads with low traffic and ask an experienced driver to help you. This will improve your driving skills before you can take on city traffic.

2. Learner driver sign

Even if your full-fledged driving license has been issued, but you lack experience, it is a good idea to display a sign for a learner driver on the car. This will let other road users know that you are a novice driver.

3. Properly hold the steering wheel

At 9 o’clock and 3:00, you should hold the steering wheel with both your hands. That’s right. Experts agree. This combination is so effective because it gives the driver maximum control and doesn’t cause fatigue.

4. Indicators cannot be optional

Contrary to what you may be told, the indicators of your car are mandatory. Are you going to make a turn? Indicator. Do you want to change lanes? Indicator! You need to stop in an area that is not permitted for parking. Hazard lights! You should also ensure that the indicator is used at least 8-10 seconds before turning, switching lanes, and so on. This is important because indicators are meant to be used to “indicate”, i.e. alert other drivers that you intend to alter your vehicle’s position on a road.

5. Don’t underestimate parking skills

Driving a car might seem like a lot of work. This is false, however. Good drivers know how to not only drive well but how to park their vehicle well. Get out there and practice parking your car in various spots, especially at home.

6. if the traffic light is turning red, don’t accelerate.

It is a common practice in India. However, if you approach a traffic light and it turns red, please slow down. Slow down if you think you won’t make it to the traffic light. It will only take a few seconds to a few minutes at most.

7. Tailgating is bad.

Tailgating, i.e. driving right behind the vehicle in front of your vehicle, is an extremely dangerous practice. You have no time to react if the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, or does any other sudden movements. Other drivers can also be frustrated by tailgating. No matter how small the space or how many cars are on the road, tailgating should be avoided at all costs.

8. Put your phone down

This is something that has been repeated so many times, one would assume everyone understands it. People continue to use their phones while driving, despite this being a common occurrence. You’ve probably seen the dangers of this behavior many times. Keep your phone down and away from the road, even at traffic lights. If you need to use your smart phones, such as for Google Maps access or other purposes, park your car on the right side of the road and put your hazard lights on. Then, use your phone. When you merge into traffic, don’t forget to use your indicator.

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