Tips For Buying Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tools

Tips For Buying Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tools


All thanks to technological advancements, it is now possible to effectively evaluate the drilling and excavation processes. Utilizing automation like MWD during drilling, one can quickly assess all the mechanical aspects, measure formation properties like porosity, the drilling system orientation, and the wellbore geometrical aspects such as inclination.

Traditional drilling tools are faced with numerous challenges. For instance, when a well is beyond certain degrees, the conventional logging equipment can no longer be pushed through the well to derive data for analysis. This is where MWD technology comes in. During the drilling process, specific information is measured near the drill bit and transmitted to a transducer at the surface without disrupting normal operations.

MWD Tools such as casing inspection tools and customized Gamma Tools can be purchased from a retail company such as CBG that has an international presence with just over 150 companies. However, there are several aspects you should put into consideration before you invest in MWD products.

Factors To Consider Before Buying MWD Equipment

1. Available resources

Ensure your bank account is capable of handling the purchase. Always peruse the market first to find a suitable seller with prices you can afford. However, with such machinery, you can hire them out for a cost when not in use. In this way, you are able to cash in on your investment. Remember that there are extra costs that you may incur down the line with maintenance. There is also the labor pool of expert help you have to outsource, such as mechanics, to keep the rigs fully operational.

2. The ground

The physical properties of the ground you will be working on strongly determines the type of drilling rig and related equipment that you need. When aspects of the ground like rock type and porosity are known, there will be fewer surprises. A driller’s objective is to achieve the optimum penetration rate without disrupting the functionality of the MWD system.

3. New vs. Used

It is possible to purchase second-hand MWD drilling equipment from a retailing company or a private seller. It is also cheaper compared to buying brand new. However, be careful not to purchase tools that will end up costing more time and money to fix. It is advisable to buy new as it is quite tricky to locate gently used equipment. You are also guaranteed of improved safety, enhanced productivity, and long-term reliability. New equipment is also easily scalable.

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If you opt for used machinery, make sure to check it’s history and maintenance before purchase. This helps you ascertain it’s value. Remember, when the deal is too sweet, be sure to think twice.

Take Away

An MWD is sure to enhance your well-logging process. There are numerous companies you can purchase an MWD tool from. Certain manufacturing companies can even develop tailor-fit MWD equipment to suit your particular needs. Be sure to conduct sufficient research and ensure you pick a credible provider. You are guaranteed to find an MWD product that caters precisely to your drilling needs.

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