The materials in vogue for your interior design in 2018!

The materials in vogue for your interior design in 2018!


Decorating a living space can be done in many ways by taking into account certain parameters such as space, tastes, type of rooms … Materials play a very important role, they are one of the basic elements when the we want to decorate and decorate its interior . What are the types of materials to adopt to keep your home in tune with the times in 2018?

The marble still present, but comes in color

For years, marble has continued to impose its style in interior design, including for the year 2018. It is often synonymous with luxury by beautifying the space in which it is inscribed. For the most part, it is found with a white color on a table in the middle of the living room or with a darker color on the floor. For this year, we opt for a marble much more cheerful with pastel colors like pink or bright green dark. It is an excellent choice of  interior decoration 2018  on walls or on specific objects.

Concrete continues its ascent: available on furniture and wall cladding

After being sidelined for several decades, the concrete is back in force and is in the list of  materials trend 2018 . Being a mineral composite material, it can be applied as a decorative treatment or façade ornament. Presenting itself as a flexible and modular material, it is obtained by transformation of liquid elements into solid elements. As a result, all sorts of effects can be achieved by using it. In addition, since the arrival of BEFUP or Ultra-High Performance Concrete Fibré, it is currently possible to work on decorative elements, furniture, basins or wall cladding. One can also find variants with products or objects imitating the concrete effect.

The wood always present. also begins to adorn our walls

Regarded as a noble material, wood does not give way in terms of  interior decoration in 2018 . The oak has been present in this section for years on furniture or wall cladding. For this time, the walnut wood would be more prominent with a much darker, but elegant. He finds himself put forward by “Gaston wall secretaries”, used to free space while keeping a side embellished.

Presence and importance of mineral and plant

To give a room a brighter, more fresh air, inserting plants and minerals is a good idea. In recent years, green spaces in a home are gaining more and more space: 2018 confirms this trend. Who would not dream of a small patio in his house?

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