The Key to Successful Layering

The Key to Successful Layering


Spring might be in sight, but it is still winter. Luckily, there is that one styling solution which makes it possible to already wear your spring items: layering.

[1.] Mix and match different fabrics

Layering up is the perfect opportunity to play around with different fabrics. Throw a big knit over your delicate spring blouse, for example. Not only will it keep you warm while wearing your breezy spring items; different fabrics worn together often give your outfit a bit more depth, too.

[2.] Don’t let “fashion rules” guide you

Very important: wear whatever YOU like, regardless of fashion rules. Don’t be afraid to try out new things! Oversized on oversized for example used to be considered a true faux pas, but is totally cool now, or sportswear like Bolle sunglasses with a sharp suit – used to be a complete crime but now kinda edgy-cool.

[3.] Wear your dresses over trousers

A good example of the point above: dresses over trousers. Suddenly you’re able to wear your dresses all year ’round! See me wearing this combo here and here.

[4.] A long coat is your friend

A long coat is a super versatile piece and is essential if you want to step up your layering game. Try wearing it over a (denim) suit for example, success guaranteed!

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[5.] Double knitwear

Can’t make up your mind whether you should wear your cardigan or jumper? Who said anything about picking one! Just wear them together. Cosiness overload!

Do you often wear layers?

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