The 5 most beautiful beaches of Polynesia

The 5 most beautiful beaches of Polynesia


We asked our Polynesian specialists what their favorite beaches were … From Bora Bora to Maupiti via Rangirora and Moorea, here is their selection!

1 Tetiaroa Atoll

The only atoll of the Society’s archipelago, Tetiaroa is the perfect representation of the earthly paradise. A magical island that will revive your childhood imagination. Crystalline lagoon, lush nature, island of birds and a unique biodiversity in Polynesia: Tetiaroa is the dream island. Located 50 kilometers from Tahiti (15 minutes flight) this atoll was bought in 1966 by the American actor Marlon Brando who had just turned the Bounty rebels in Polynesia. Falling madly in love with this piece of paradise he declared: “more georgeous than anything I had anticipated” (more grandiose than anything I had imagined). >  Discover all our travel ideas in Polynesia

Wolfgang Stahr

2Matira to Bora Bora

Bora Bora, who has never dreamed of hearing this name? The most beautiful lagoon in the world, the jewel of the southern seas, the Pearl of the Pacific, the island created by the Gods. Superlatives are not lacking. Bora Bora is the mythical journey par excellence: an island and its lagoon with sublime shades of blue populated with dozens of species of tropical fish, a majestic coral reef, a string of motu and sumptuous beaches of white sand. Between rest in an overwater bungalow, canoe ride, dive or walk in the footsteps of Paul Gauguin or Paul-Emile Victor, our heart swings … At the bend of a creek, a dream, a sail in the distance; Is it Jack London’s Snark or Alain Gerbault’s Firecrest? >  Discover all our travel ideas in Polynesia

Matira Bora Bora

3Tereia to Maupiti

Turquoise lagoon among the most beautiful and most famous of Polynesia, preserved and deserted white sand beaches, wild motu, warm and welcoming population. A stay in Maupiti, the secret, the exceptional, the authentic, is the found Eden, the original Polynesia. Discover sumptuous corals, a rich and rare tropical aquatic fauna, visit legendary archeological sites, observe protected turtles and sacred egrets, stroll along the lovers’ beach, observe Tiare Hina, the unique endemic flower of the island. islet of Pitihahei, a trip to Maupiti is to live in love or adventurers at the time of Robinson. >  Discover all our travel ideas in Polynesia

Véronique Durruty

4Rangiroa Blue Lagoon

Rangiroa, “immense sky” in paumotu language, is the largest atoll of French Polynesia. A true open-air aquarium, populated by an exceptionally varied fauna, it is a paradise for beginner and experienced divers. Immerse yourself in colorful fish, manta rays, clown fish, trevallies, swim near turtles, watch dolphins and sharks in an almost unreal natural setting is an unforgettable experience. Captain Cousteau said of these coral reefs that they are among the most beautiful and rich in the world. Three mythical places to discover during a stay in Rangiroa: Blue Lagoon, Reef Island and Roses Island. And before leaving, we must go through its vineyard planted with a coconut grove, a unique place in the Pacific, >  Discover all our travel ideas in Polynesia


5Temae Beach in Moorea

The butterfly island, with two splendid bays, those of Cook and Opunohu. A trip to Moorea is all the pleasures of a sublime lagoon, the discovery of an island to which nature has offered extraordinary vegetation: forests of teak, mahogany, acacia and mango trees that dash on the slopes of secret mountains. In Moorea, you can swim with dolphins, discover exceptional diving spots, admire rays and turtles, learn golf. The eternal sweetness of life of Moorea has always attracted painters, sculptors, writers and poets. “Look carefully, Mr. Hunter, you will never see what you have before your eyes, because the hour is fleeting … (…) You are communicating with the Infinite …” wrote Somerset Maugham in the Mermaid Archipelago . > Discover all our travel ideas in Polynesia

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