Paper the new Facebook application

Paper the new Facebook application


The social media giant announced with great fanfare last Monday, the day of its 10th anniversary, the launch of Paper, a customizable multimedia journal.The purpose of the application? View and share articles or other content with his friends via his smartphone.But is not that already what Facebook does? The answer is that Paper is an improved version of Facebook. The multimedia content of the app is put forward on a graphical interface, the design of the application is much more neat and refined.

According to several testers, here’s what to remember from the application: flagship titles scroll to the top of the screen and a line scrolling three posts. Reading articles is more fluid and less headstrong: by sliding your finger upwards, the article presented in the newspaper is displayed; by doing the opposite gesture, the feed is displayed again. No more time to juggle from one tab to another.

The other novelty is that the application is used in full screen: a plus for the comfort of the eyes and better viewing videos.Of course, Paper has included the inevitable acronyms “I like” and “share”, because without them Facebook would no longer be Facebook.

The good news is that thanks to anonymous media partners, Paper is free. Mark thank you for thinking about our wallets in these times of crisis!

At the moment, Paper is only available on the US App Store. The date of availability in France is not yet known. For the impatient, just create a new account Itunes and put “United States” as a country of residence on the App Store to access the US apps.

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