Must-Have Beneficial and Functional Car Accessories

Beneficial and Functional Car Accessories


Most car owners see their vehicle as an extension of their personality. Your car is your way of expressing yourself. Just as you may choose to wear certain clothes to show your style quotient, your car speaks volumes about your personality. Therefore, car lovers opt for beautiful and aesthetic enhancements to increase their car’s look and appeal.

List of extremely useful car accessories

Seat covers

If you wish to maintain your car’s resale value and protect the car seat from wear and tear, a seat cover is a must. If you are not a fan of the funky style seat covers which have made their way into the market, you can opt for simple charcoal car seat covers. The purpose of the seat cover is to keep your seats protected from scratches, spills and increase your comfort when you are in the car.

Floor mats

Floor mats are the second important thing that you need to get when you buy a car. Most cars come with a thin layer of floor mats. You can either change the company-manufactured mats with custom floor mats for cars, or you can add additional floor mats on top of the existing floor mat. Floor mats prevent dirt, dust, and grime from getting into the nooks and crannies of your car. They also make cleaning the car very easy. The other accessories that you will see in this article are optional, but the seat covers and floor mats are not. If you live in a location where monsoon is prevalent, go for the rubber floor mats. These are very easy to clean and do not get dirty easily.

Car camera

A car camera is also referred to as a car dash Cam. This is mounted on the dashboard. This is a digital camera that records your journey. You can either use this camera to create a trip video or use it to understand your driving mistakes and make your driving better.

Phone mount

There is hardly anyone nowadays who does not use GPS when travelling. If you do not have a GPS in your car, the next best option to access GPS is your phone. Having a phone mount allows your phone to be in a static position while you drive. You do not need to remove your hands from the steering wheel to check your phone every time for directions.

Air purifier

Pollution is increasing on an everyday basis. If you are a person who has to spend a considerable amount of time in the car, installing an air purifier in your vehicle is a good idea. Air purifiers will bring a drastic improvement to the quality of air inside your car within 15 minutes.

Portable vacuum cleaner

If you are someone who is a travel buff and wants to have the car clean at all times, you should get a portable car vacuum cleaner. This makes the cleaning of your car very efficient, simple and easy.

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