Looking For Studio Ghibli Creations And Characters Printed Items, Check This Out

Looking ForStudio Ghibli Creations And Characters Printed Items, Check This Out


Anime has become quite main stream nowadays. With the increase in number of animes that come every day, people find it difficult to separate the good ones from the ones that aren’t. So, there are many big companies that make such anime movies and series for kids, adults and small children. They come in a variety of genres and are divided based on the genres in most websites that host animes. Viewers on these sites post comments and also rate the series and movies that are posted there, so people looking to watch them can get a good idea about the it.

What is Studio Ghibli?

Studio Ghibli is one of the best animation studios that is based in Tokyo, Japan. This studio is famous for its feature films with anime characters they design with very good stories. They have also produced various anime short films, TV commercials and much more. There are also many video game collaborations that are based on characters and stories created by Studio Ghibli. Their works are very famous and have won over a dozen awards in Japan and worldwide. The studio has produced many anime films out of which 6 of them are present in the top 10 highest grossing animated films of all time. With their creation spirited away in the second position worldwide with grossing over $280 million, there isa lot of merchandise that is associated with the studio and its creations.

Where to find Studio Ghibli merchandise?

Being famous, Studio Ghibli has a lot of merchandise based on the anime and its characters that are sold worldwide. They have a good demand throughout the world from anime fans and followers. The studio has its own website where items like pillows covers, music boxes, t-shirts, cute stuffed toys and more based on their famous movies and series characters. There are also sweatshirts, hoodies, skirts and much more with your favorite characters printed on them. Just clothing and figurines are not the end of what they provide, they also sell apparels based on the animes and movies like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited away, Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s delivery service and many other from their creations. Check this out if you are really interested in buying such figurines, cups, slippers or other items for yourself or your anime fanatic friends.

Most people around the world are anime fans nowadays. There has been a huge increase in goodies, gift items and apparels that have anime or associated movie characters printed on them. So famous anime that gets released has a side by side revenue to the studio through such items. This way, animators and creators can earn a little more money for their work if it is famous. Studio Ghibli having a lot of hits, this extra revenue is quite large.

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