How to Build an Energy-Efficient Custom Home

How to Build an Energy-Efficient Custom Home


Energy efficiency is very much the future of real estate and that is down to the cost-saving which it extends to the owner as well as meeting with a more environmentally conscious build. Energy efficiency is something which is very much within reach for so many homeowners and thankfully, given the latest use for a progress with regards to climate change and the damaging effects which it has on the planet, we are seeing big changes. Custom home builders are looking for new and creative ways in which they can deliver energy-efficient homes for their clients and these are some of the features which they are focusing on.

Using The Sun

Creating energy-efficient properties is about using nature and smart design to remove the need for use of energy in the property. A perfect example of this is how we can use the sun to take the place of both electricity and gas in the home, through the creative design of windows which will  allow both lights to come into the property and will also serve to heat the property as well. There is much more that we can use the sun for of course and that is why solar panels are becoming more widely used than ever before. Solar panels are a great way of naturally creating electricity for the property.

Sealing The Building

Next up it is going to be absolutely crucial that you are able to seal the building, ensuring that absolutely no heat gets out or cold gets in, this is essential to making sure that you are as energy-efficient as possible. This will involve making sure that windows are properly sealed, doors, vents and even lofts or basement spaces. When custom builders are working on a property such as this they have to be absolutely sure that they have done their best job using high-quality materials to ensure that the property is sealed.

Purchase Options

There is only so much that can be done in the design of a building such as an airflow, window placement and design tweaks, and much of the efficiency will come from the items which are bought for the property. For example looking at the purchase of appliances which have a high eco-rating, installing energy-saving light bulbs and utilizing thermostats on heating systems are all critical aspects of running an energy-efficient home. It doesn’t matter how great the design of the property is, with appliances or items in the home that take up a lot of energy, the property will be  nowhere near as energy efficient as it should be.

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The design stage is vitally important in the building of an energy-efficient home, the next stage  towards achieving this is to make sure that all of the correct materials are bought in order to install things as per the design. Finally, it will be up to the property owners to ensure that they are buying energy-efficient products and appliances for the home and finally there will be an onus on them to behave in the priority in a way that maximizes the amount of energy which they can save.

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