Eyes on a New Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree


Cherry trees make the perfect addition to any garden. There are many different varieties and picking the best one for your garden isn’t always easy. The characteristics of various cherry trees will differ, so you should consider these factors when you are looking for one. Fruit trees in general come in many different cultivars, so you’re sure to find one for your garden!

When picking your cherry tree, consider the following:

Garden Size.

The first consideration should be the size of your garden. Planting a large, mature tree in a small garden is not a good idea. Choose a tree that is going to be proportionate to the rest of your plants and the amount of space you have in your garden, since the tree will take up a lot of space as it grows.

Fruit Size.

If you intend to harvest cherries, you need to consider fruiting versus ornamental varieties, but also how large the fruit you would like your cherry tree to produce should be. If you want large cherries, you will need cultivars like Mermat Cherries. Different one are bred to produce cherries of different sizes.

Disease Resistance.

A cherry tree’s disease resistance is also a factor to consider so whatever you choose must be resistant to the diseases that affect them in the part of the country where you will be working with them.


Furthermore, you need to consider the hardiness of a cherry tree. There is no point in purchasing a tree that will not survive the weather in your region. Make sure to choose a tree type that is suitable for the environment in which you live.


 Consider whether you want to grow a self-pollinating cherry tree or cross-pollinating one when searching. Decide whether more than one tree is to be planted, and if so, plant a type suitable for reproduction.

In choosing a cherry trees for your garden you ought to keep in mind that you are essentially making a long-term investment. We found Chris Bowers and Sons, a part of Norfolk’s Whispering Trees Nurseries, to be an excellent source of information when we purchased our first fruit trees. They have an impressive selection of cherry trees for sale and assisted us without being overbearing.

Before you choose a tree, you should think about its size, its resistance to diseases, and its hardiness. Consider also whether it is self-pollinating or cross-pollinating, and how many you have to plant you prefer cross-pollinating cultivars.

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