Enhance The Quality of Your Website with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Accessibe WordPress Plugin


It is crucial for you to make your website accessible to everyone on the Internet, including those with a physical disability. There are 15% of the population in the world that lives with some sort of physical disability, and business owners must ensure their sites are accessible to this segment of the population without hassles.

WordPress is used for almost 33% of sites online, and WordPress site accessibility is of utmost importance to users on the Internet today. If your business has a site built on the WordPress platform, you enjoy the benefits of better search engine rankings and an enhanced user experience. However, in case your WordPress site is not accessible to every user online, you will face the risks of hefty fines and lawsuits due to non-compliance of website accessibility to everyone on the Internet, something that the Government has mandated for all website owners.

WordPress accessibility is the need of the hour. It implies making the site accessible for everyone. If you are creating a site built on WordPress for a client or a business, accessibility should always be on the top of your mind. This is where the Accessibe WordPress plugin helps as it makes your site easily accessible for everyone, including people with physical disabilities.

Accessibility for the following types of users is mandatory under the laws of the land-

  1. People who have visual impairments and who require screen readers for web navigation.
  2. People with color vision issues who require a clear vision of your site’s content with ease.
  3. Users with hearing disorders or visual impairments who cannot access video or audio content on your site.
  4. Users with restricted motor control and who need to use a keyboard or voice navigation to browse a site.
  5. Users who face reading specific fonts hard, like people with dyslexia.

At the same time, if your site is very hard to navigate or your content hard to read because of color, design, or font choices, you will have poor website accessibility to incur fines and lawsuits.

As a business owner, you must ensure that every user that accesses your site gets the right information he/she seeks without hassles at all.

Users with economic disadvantages

There is another accessibility issue with websites that are often overlooked- economic disadvantages or the use of older technology. There are several modern sites with advanced widgets or custom CSS that do not perform well on old web browsers or computers that are some years old. In order to avoid this problem, you should have versions of your site that bank on less code; for instance, Gmail has a version that loads gradually over a slow internet connection. The site does not look similar to the main version; however, you can access its core information.

The Accessibe WordPress plugin has the objective to boost WordPress accessibility for better page ranks, user experience, and web traffic on the Internet for your business. Investing in it gives your business a competitive edge in the market!

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