The 21st century has brought about many changes and one of the most important of those changes is the change in thinking, in regards to body shape. People are finally standing up for them selves and for others as well. Women and men alike are banding together to protect themselves from the various forms of shame that society tries to inflict on them.

One type of Shame that is still prevalent in society is Body shaming. The age old pastime of people with too much time on their hands in trying to belittle other people for a perceived inadequate body shape, whether it be male or female. Thankfully, many movements have sprung up which has dissuaded these people from their inappropriate behaviour. These movements have given males and females the strength and the backbone to stand up and say that I am happy with how I look! And that it is none of anyone’s business to tell me that I am too fat or too thin or too curvy.

This change in behaviour can further be studied during “Prom time.”


Prom time is a rite of passage that almost every teenager goes through. It is a time where you shed the skins of your school self and don a look that you hope will reflect the new “you.” In the endeavour of presenting yourself to your peers in this fashion, the first step is to find the perfect dress.


Prom dresses, are a representation of one of the most important milestones of your life. Your prom dress supposedly is a statement. It shows the world that you are ready to face it and you will face it with style. Your prom dress will reflect who you are and who you will one day be, it will show your peers that your high-school career will not define you but it is actually the beginning of something new.

Since we all know that the Prom dress is so important, we also know the value of understanding that Prom dresses should definitely be made available in all sizes. The words ‘Plus size prom dressesshould not be an issue. The dresses fit for every man and woman, irrelevant of their body shape must be available for these young individuals, who are looking to make a stand-out statement to the world.

It is imperative that these individuals are given their sized dresses readily so that they are made confident at a time where they are shedding the protective layers put on them by the authority figures. They should be allowed to be able to embrace who they are without the expectations of society getting in the way. These young people are the future of our world and for us to succeed we have to make sure that they succeed and that will only happen if we help them embrace themselves in all aspects of life. Even if you, yourself think that an issue is inconsequential, I assure you that the child does not.

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