Does Turkish Name Change Policy confirms a proper change of name

Turkish Name Change Policy


Do you know that reputed airlines have an exclusive convenience policy in place for all its passengers to make last-minute name changes to their reservation? And, this policy is known as the Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy. It’s a truly amazing facility that can save you a lot of money while keeping you at ease when you’ve got your name incorrect on the ticket.

This policy is not offered by all the airlines but only a few of them.

People who want to make ticket name changes often ask if the Turkish airlines name change policy confirms a proper change of name. In this blog, today you will get to know all about the name change policy & procedure so that you are left with no doubts regarding this facility.

Let us primarily begin with little information about the Turkish airlines name correction policy meaning.

Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy: A Quick Introduction

According to Turkish airlines name change policy, the flyers can easily apply for Turkish airlines name change on the ticket to make it as per their legal ID issues by the government.

As airlines do not allow anyone to fly with an incorrect name, the passengers should make sure that their name on the ticket and their government-issued ID is the same. If by any chance you have got it incorrect while making the reservation, you can take help of this amazing policy.

The airlines may ask you for a small amount of fee to process your ticket name changes. However, they do have a 24-hours risk-free name change window during which changes to the name can be done free of cost. Basically, this 24-hours period begins from the time of your reservation. If you miss this duration for any reason, you can still make the name changes by paying the name change fee.

For the exact cost for name changes to your air ticket, call the customer care centre.


Before you actually get to know this, you should know about the common name changes allowed under the Turkish airlines name correction policy.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Middle Name
  • Inverted Name
  • Legal Name
  • Nickname
  • Name change after marriage, divorce, or adoption

Now let us see whether this policy confirms a proper name change.

Yes, the Turkish airlines name change policy confirms a proper ticket name change. Changes to your first name, last name, middle name, nickname, or inverted name are restricted to minor changes that can be done without any legal document. However, to make a complete name change after your wedding, divorce, or adoption, you are required to submit your legal documents such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, or adoption papers for confirmation of your true name in the eyes of law.

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