Boost Quality Customer Service with an Order Management System

Boost Quality Customer Service with an Order Management System


Businesses operating e-commerce storefronts strive to meet their customers’ expectations by ensuring prompt delivery of their products they order. To achieve this objective, they need to operate a platform that allows them to streamline their order fulfillment process. Only then can companies retain these buyers and see a steady increase in revenue.  This is why companies need to install and use a suitable system for the task. This system is a software solution that allows companies to instantly track, process, and fulfill their customers’ orders. It automates and manages the workflow of several departments within the companies’ business. These include purchase, sales, inventory, warehousing, accounting, customer relations, supply chain operations, and logistics.

Order Management System – How Does This Software Platform Work?

Businesses with e-commerce storefronts have a tough time managing online customers’ orders. Many of them conduct their commercial activities over multiple sales channels. Each of these channels might have more than one vendor with whom the companies maintain business relations. When customers place their orders, companies first check the inventory in their warehouses. If the products are not available, companies then contact their suppliers and place the necessary purchase orders. Only then can they provide their customers with the right information and proceed to fulfill their orders. Operating a suitable Order Management System (OMS) allow companies to automate, simplify, and streamline the entire process via the following steps:

  1. Customers first place their orders relating to products they wish to buy on the companies’ e-commerce storefront,
  2. The companies’ the platform records the customers’ orders and assesses if the products are available in the inventory,
  3. If the products are not available, the platform instantly places a purchase order with the suppliers,
  4. When the products arrive, the platform sends an intimation to accounts departments to generate customers’ invoices, and
  5. The platform finally fulfills the customers’ orders by sending shipping orders to a third-party logistics company to deliver the products.

Advantages for the business

Businesses get to enjoy the following when they operate a suitable platform to fulfill their customers’ orders:

  1. This platform streamlines the inventory management process within the companies’ supply chains,
  2. From the data available in these platforms, companies get to know which kind of products to store in their warehouses,
  • By operating platforms, companies can provide real-information to their customers regarding the present status of their orders,
  1. Companies can significantly improve the quality of service they provide to their customers with the right platform, and
  2. Operating such a system allows companies to eliminate the possibility of errors in the processing of customers’ orders.

An order management system enables e-commerce businesses to significantly improve the quality of service they provide to their customers. With this platform, they can provide them with real-time information regarding the present status of their sales orders. In the process, companies also eliminate the possibility of errors occurring during the processing of their customers’ orders. The OMS platform even enables companies to automate and streamline the inventory management process in their warehouses. They can even identify which products are in high demand among their customers to release more of them in the market.

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