A Christmas decoration with multiple superlatives!

A Christmas decoration with multiple superlatives!


D-13 before Christmas! Let’s go, we decorate our interiors , our firs, and we make beautiful packaging for our gifts.
A quick tour of the decorating trends for a magical Christmas !

Christmas decorations under bellWe use pretty glass bells, we recycle our vases or we get the jars of jams granny to create small scenes from the land of Santa Claus. Garlands of light, vegetation, snow and voila. A small budget for maximum effect. To decline again and again …

Christmas decorations made simple & naturalBy the times that are running a sweet break is required . We then put on natural materials and colors for a warm and pampering Christmas .
We do not hesitate to use wood, burlap, and we pick up pine cones and branches in the forest! A relaxing Scandinavian atmosphere to start the new year.

The dazzling Christmas decorationsIf you want to play it more festive, the other trend for Christmas decoration is gold . Exit the money, this time it will be a golden eve because everyone loves! It is associated of course with red, but a harmony in beige and taupe shades will modernize and bring an ultra chic touch to your decor.

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The crowned Christmas doorsBecause the Christmas wreath is one of the must-haves for a successful decoration, we have selected for you an anthology of daring achievements to have the most original crowned door of the district.

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