8 incredible ghost towns in Europe

8 incredible ghost towns in Europe


Fires, abandoned, attacked, there are now many cities become ghosts for very specific reasons. We are going to talk about 8 of them who leave the most loans because of the ruin that remains there.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Having become uninhabitable following the Chernobyl explosion, this city once embodied the image of modernity. From now on, it will not be able to welcome new inhabitants until several thousands of years the time that any danger of irradiation is completely null.

Craco, Italy

Built a few centuries before Christ, this city has known several cities before being completely abandoned by its inhabitants. The latter fled the area because of successive landslides that destroyed the homes.

The village of Graun, Italy

According to legend, this village was engulfed and is today at the bottom of Lake Resia. Scuba diving is offered to tourists to visit Graun, the ghost town underwater.

Oradour-sur-Glane, in France

In 1944, the inhabitants of this peaceful village of Limousin were massacred by rancorous Germans who could not forgive the landing of June 6th. Today, Oradour-sur-Glane remains in ruins and uninhabited.

Varosha, in Cyprus

It is one of the most popular cities for tourists visiting Cyprus in the 70s. But in 1974, a disagreement between Turkey and Greece led to the evacuation of the inhabitants and today, the desolation reign supreme!

The village of Canada, Spain

Think again, here you are not in Canada, but in Spain. This provincial village of Teruel attracts today only tourists curious to trace its history.

Romagnano al Monte, Italy

A true medieval ruin, this is how one could describe this abandoned village of Salerno. Thirty years ago, its inhabitants fled after the passing of an earthquake which caused the death of 3000 people.

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