5 Lawn Caring Tips to Improve Your Property Value

5 Lawn Caring Tips to Improve Your Property Value


Many factors determine your home property value. When you are looking forward to selling your home with a real estate agent, you should first renovate it to give you an upper hand when bargaining for fair terms.

Your compound is one of those exterior aspects of your home that you should perfect to boost your home feasibility and value.

Before taking that step to reach out for beset Google AdWords Agentur finden to help you market your property, you should plan to improve its exterior décor. In this article, we give you some five tips you can practice to keep your lawn in a good state and boost your home value.

1. Mow the lawn regularly

Proper lawn mowing should come first in your lawn caring menu. Depending on the weather and your lawn landscape, you want to keep checking the lawn vegetation. For instance, during the summer, you can mow the lawn at least once every week and twice a week when the winter sets in.

When you trim the grass in your lawn regularly, you will be encouraging proper root spread that helps a lot in ensuring the whole lawn is covered with grass. During the summer, you should keep your lawn between 5 and 10 cm. This way, it won’t turn brown when the dry season arrives.

2. Feed the grass

If you want to keep your lawn green and healthy all year, you should feed it well with nitrogen. Find out the amount of nitrogen your lawn needs by first doing a soil test. In most cases, the organic matter content in the soil will determine the amount of nitrogen your grass will need to grow healthy.

Once you know your soil test results, you can know which nitrogen, phosphate, and potash fertilizers to feed your grass. Apply the fertilizer sparingly within the recommended rate to avoid harming the grass. Set and maintain a topdressing schedule for feeding the grass so that they maintain the green look.

3. Water the lawn

Besides feeding your lawn with fertilizer, you should also water it regularly, especially during a dry season. This will help to keep the grass healthy. If you don’t water your lawn regularly, the grass will slowly loosen up and remain flat when walked on.

How frequently you should water the lawn will depend on the weather conditions and the type of soil. During dry weather, you can water the lawn at least twice a week in the morning.

4. Improve the lawn drainage

A healthy lawn should have good drainage to ensure maximum water absorption into the soil. The lawn surface should be on a shallow level slope to ensure the easy flow of water. The soil should have low levels of clay and be free of thick thatches and soil compaction for maximum soil aeration.

If your lawn has poor drainage, you can plant some plants that do well on that type of soil. Also, you can do some terracing to prevent ponding water on your lawn.

5. Do some weeding

Weeds make your lawn look bad. Weeds such as dandelions and plantains produce large leaves that will spread on the grass surface and inhibit growth. Use a hand trowel to remove the weeds from your lawn and stop them from spreading.

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When you weed your lawn, you leave your grass with enough nutrients to remain healthy. Avoid using weed killer chemicals that can result in poor grass health.

Final thoughts

Taking good care of your home lawn is one way of improving your home value. Apply these five tips to keep your lawn in perfect condition before you can opt to sell it.

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