Why does your business also need to prosper through the Internet?

your business also need to prosper through the Internet


You may not yet be convinced of the need to publicize your professional activity, your small or large company on the Internet?

The results of a recent survey conducted by Emailbrokers specialized in database management (*) and interactive marketing (*) could make you change your mind.

Indeed, more than 80% of business bankruptcies in 2013 did not bet on the Internet!

This observation is very French since our entrepreneurs are lagging behind their European neighbors who think that the Internet is a strategic tool at the forefront, especially in times of crisis.

Of course, a website is not an anti-bankruptcy guarantee. But all the same, we can be persuaded that a presence with a showcase site, or an E-commerce store, gives visibility, provides notoriety and boosts the turnover of sales. Nevertheless, as the study summary underlines, an expertise, a strategy and an optimization of the exploitation is necessary to make beneficial the desired effect.

To this, I will add that without an effective SEO policy, without a targeted web marketing plan, without an animation and regular updates, a website remains unproductive. An investment without real benefits is a bad investment. It’s not just about having a website to get recognition and a lot of extra revenue.

But remain optimistic, because in France there are concrete facts that justify a change in mentalities and an awareness of the need to find new markets. E-commerce at 14% in 2013 and more companies are turning to social networks to promote their brand. This is an encouraging sign.

I refer you to the summary analysis of this survey if you want to know more details and more figures ( fr_low_res.pdf ).

If I wished to discuss this subject with you it is that I share for a long time this opinion that a website is a springboard to shine and make known beyond its only geographical area.

A showcase site is an interactive business card that offers opportunities to promote its products or services and to gain new contacts.

An e-commerce store with a good sales strategy is a way to conquer new customers and develop your business. This is even more true for new entrepreneurs who need quick paybacks.

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