WhatsApp but what’s that?

WhatsApp but what's that


In recent days we hear and read that this new shock in the field of high-tech: the price of gold purchase of the application WhatsApp by Facebook for $ 19 billion.

Such an amount that should dream more than a startup!
But what is Whatsapp for and why is Mark Zukerberg interested in this app?WhatsApp, I personally used it this summer while my daughter was going to the other side of the world! It is free, available on smartphone, uses the internet network or that of cellular data 2G / 3G … and allowed me to discuss in real time with it without extra cost on my phone bill. As well, see better than SMS or MMS!

Rather brilliant progress at a lower cost. The most of the application is that it is possible to send photos, videos or voice messages. And as for Apple’s I-message, we can know if the message has been read or not.In short, a user-friendly application that has aroused the interest of Facebook.Facebook whose registrations are falling and whose interest of young people is decreasing (more and more turned to the application Snapshot) had to react to stay in the game.
WhatsApp which is booming with millions of new registrations each month allows Facebook to take ownership of an application that runs very well, to have millions of contacts and to compete with Twitter and other instant messengers like MSN or Windows Live, Google Talk, Viber etc …

But we hope that this purchase will not distort this great application, besides that we know in advance that the profusion of targeted advertising so far completely absent, will somewhat disturb our enjoyment of use.

It will be necessary to quickly amortize billions of dollars!

But beware a similar application, Wechat is a hit in Asia … so Facebook has achieved such a good deal?
We’ll talk about it in a future article!

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