Stephen Varanko III: The Well-known Personality Who Joined Navy Seal

Stephen Varanko III: The Well-known Personality Who Joined Navy Seal


The United States Air, Navy Sea, and Land Teams, usually abbreviated as Navy SEALs, are the primary special operations force of U.S. Navy and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command. The Navy SEALs are skillfully qualified so that they can deliver highly dedicated, intensely challenging fighting capabilities that are further than the means of typical military forces. The missions of Navy SEALs include special reconnaissance, direct action warfare, foreign internal defense and counterterrorism. The Navy SEALs are lively, privileged maritime military force suited for all facets of exceptional conflict. In this role, they are liable to provide instant military options amidst calamity around the world.

Stephen Varanko III: Enlisted in the US Navy in November 2006

Stephen Varanko III always wanted to join Navy Seal since he was just a child and he has been so serious with his dream that he actually went out and became one. But it is important to keep in mind that becoming a Navy SEAL is not something that every individual can do. The job responsibilities of Navy Seal include the following:

  • Carry out extractions and insertions by air, sea or land to complete secret, Special Operations missions/ Special Warfare
  • Gathering intelligence and information via special reconnaissance missions
  • Capturing terrorists and enemy personnel across the world
  • Carrying out direct-action, small-unit missions against military targets
  • Conducting underwater investigation and the destruction of man-made or natural obstructions before amphibious landings

Navy SEALs work and train in all types of environments, which may include urban and desert areas, woodlands and mountains, and arctic and jungle conditions. Usual missions may entail introduction into a combat aim by any number of means such as submarine, parachute, high-speed boat, helicopter, foot patrol or by a contest swimmer insertion. Navy SEALs function not only as extremely able individuals, but also as members of firmly knit units.

SEAL training is often described as “atrocious”, as it prepared an individual for the tremendous physical and mental challenges of SEAL missions. Preparation comprises of over twelve months of initial training followed by an extra 18 months of pre-deployment training and thorough specialized training. It is all designed so that the individuals can become physically and mentally strong. Those who are up to the task will come out in unbelievable physical shape and own the essential determination, confidence and teamwork to do well in any war environment.

Throughout the world, people know about the Navy SEALs. They are believed to be the most physically and mentally tough soldiers in any kind of circumstance or situation. These days, they are often called upon so as to carry out special operations and fight terrorism across the world, frequently without having any notice. Few people know precisely how the US Navy is able to find and train these really best soldiers. Once chosen, they have to spend almost two years training. It has been found that most of Navy SEAL candidates cannot even finish Phase One but Stephen Varanko III is the one who did get to finish the training successfully.

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