Some Myths related to Toronto couples counselling!

Some Myths related to Toronto couples counselling!


Couples Counselling Toronto has its own set of myths. Some of these myths are from movies, media, family, or friends. Most of these myths remain in the minds of people, which creates a fear of seeking help when needed to be positive in the relationship and moving in the right direction. Do you know what these myths are? If you do not know what truth is and what is a myth, do not worry. Below are some of the myths related to couple counselling:

A stranger cannot assist in relationship

Some people think that how a person who does not know you in your entire life can assist you. But, the fact is that these stranger therapists can help in most of the cases. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the counselor does not have a personal investment in you, but your closest family or friends must have personal gain or loss while giving you advice. A counselor will offer an objective view about your relationship and it will not be biased view.

The counselor will take the side of the spouse

Do you think that the counselor will take the side of your spouse while confronting a problem during the therapy? If yes, this is not the fact. The fact is that the counselling, licensed therapists will listen to both the parties. Even if the therapists support either of you, it does not mean that the therapist is taking a side. The main of the therapist is to protect the relationship if it is what the best interest of the couple is.

Counselling goes on forever

The fact is that Toronto couples counselling is normally a short term procedure. The main aim of couples counselling is to understand and learn tools which couples can use for growing and building the relationship. Most of the couple counselling will take around six to twelve sessions in all. But, this depends on the reasons for taking counselling and the parties involved. In some cases, couple therapy might require follow-up visits at some time, only to check and analyze things. Long term couple counselling is just an exception and not the rule.

Couple counselling is only for weak people

This is not the truth. The reality is that only a strong person who wants to save their relationship will ask for help when needed. Couple counselling does not refer that the relationship will sustain or break. Most of the couples seek marriage counselling for the problems that have nothing to do with the end of the relationship.

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Counselling is very expensive

Counselling should be considered as an investment. Just remember all the things that you spend. Don’t you think that it is worth spending on having a happy and healthy relationship? Couples normally spend thousands of dollars on marriage and some couples on divorce. Always think about counselling as an investment and not an expense.

These are some of the myths related to Toronto couples counselling. In case your myths are cleared related to couples counselling, go ahead and select the best counselor without wasting too much time. Make sure you search for a professional, experienced, and licensed counselor. Some of the websites where you can check out for couples counselling centers are Google Maps, Ourbis, Cylex, and Tupalo.

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