Simple Ways To Illumine Your Staircase With Stairwell Chandeliers

Simple Ways To Illumine Your Staircase With Stairwell Chandeliers


A stairway is the focal point of any room. It makes your home sculptural and functional. A good lighting system not just makes your staircase stylish but also enhances the overall ambiance.

A captivating lighting system can help you redefine the staircase and add a warm touch to it. A staircase chandelier infuses life to a place and amplifies the aura of the place. So, let us look at the ways by which you can lighten your staircase.

Why Should You Select Chandelier For Staircase Lighting?

Chandeliers are ideal to illuminate a staircase. You can get them in a variety of different colours. They look best in public spaces of the house. They hang in the form of a branched system and include several lights to form a single circuit.

Several translucent little lamps when strung together create a rhythmic dropping chandelier. They look warm and soft on a majority of staircases. Colour lighting is the best means to personalize your space. Complement them with hot-pink lighting fixtures and back-lit chandeliers to create a magical effect.

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Ways To Illuminate A Staircase With A Chandelier

  • Plan It Ahead

If you are thinking of installing a stairway, make arrangements for the lighting system at an early stage. You can choose to install it at tread level, or in the wall, to attain the desired effect. This type of LED feature brightens up dim hallways and offers illusion to restricted zones.

  • Style And Function

It is important to determine whether you want to do lighting to beautify the place or to lighten the area (i.e., the staircase). Ensure that you do not overdo decorative otherwise, it may make your staircase appear like a runway.

  • Avoid Glare

There is a possibility that staircase lighting can cause glares when you move up the stairs. It can lead to accidents. So, it is required that you use well-crafted marker lights to avoid potential glares.

  • Opt For LED Fitting

The use of golden LED fitting below the tread not just keeps your oak warm but also prevents any glare associated with lighting. These fixtures are not visible from any angle. You can easily detach them for maintenance.

  • Consider The Area Below The Staircase

Just like the treads, you should also consider illuminating the area below the staircase. It gives an illusion of spaciousness to a narrow room. Light the area underside the staircase. Reflect the light rays into the room.

  • Color

Color is another important element in the staircase lighting. Use the right color combination to enhance the appearance and value of your house. Choose carefully. It is advised to take the opinion of an expert to arrive at the right decision.


Bring in a hint of timelessness with antique and artful chandeliers. The combination of decorative chandeliers with plain interiors looks phenomenal. These classic additions in the space not just set the mood, but also spectacularly lighten the staircase.

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