Online Banking: How to become an online banking advisor?

Online Banking: How to become an online banking advisor?


France now has 6 major banking groups that manage more than 70 million current accounts. Among these groups we find Credit Mutuel, BNP Paribas or the Postal Bank whose main activities are the bank details and the bank financing and investment.

In a context of globalization (increased competition) and the development of information and communication technologies, sectors of the French economy have been affected by the transition from the physical to the digital. The banking sector is one of the sectors that have succeeded the transition to digitization and digital. This phenomenon provoked the rise of a new player: online banking.

The emergence of a new type of bank: banks online

In addition to providing the same services as a traditional bank, online banks offer on-line banking services, without a counter or physical agency to perform operations. Here are some examples of online banking Boursorama bank, Hello bank, Fortuneo, ING direct.

Online banks have advantages that traditional banks do not have, for example, they offer discounted rates and free services. In addition, they guarantee more flexibility (possibility of consulting your account day and night) and speed of banking services because they are accessible directly online. The customer finds himself then autonomous, (he can credit himself his check on an account thanks to a system of electronic slip) but does not remain less followed by a personal specialist, reachable by telephone or on Internet.

In appearance, online banks seem to compete with conventional banks, in fact, the traditional banking sector retains a dominant position in the market. These new platforms have only called into question their organization as well as their role as intermediaries (connecting the individuals in a direct way.) We can then see the fintech as a complementary service to the banks (and not as a competitor) who pushes banks to innovate.

Traditional retail banks are learning to combine agency and online services. Some large banking groups buy Fintech starts up which offer complementary services to their traditional offer. The challenge is then that of convergence between these two aspects of the profession, digital and physical

Focus on the profession of online banking advisor:

On average, there are between 50 and 200 advisers per online bank, and the various retailers have about one consultant per 3,800 customers.

Training : profession accessible from a bac + 2, the level varies from bac + 2 to bac + 5 according to the clientele concerned. The job is open to various profiles.

Skills: commercial spirit, responsiveness and adaptability, listening and knowing perfectly the services offered by his bank in order to best advise his clients. The online banking advisor must also be enthusiastic, smiling and courteous because he represents his bank and must take care not to degrade his image.

Missions :

  • Support the clientele of his agency network

  • Advise and retain this clientele

  • Search clients and sell them banking products

Salary : The average salary of an online junior banking client adviser is 1900 euros gross per month with an annual variable remuneration around 2600 euros.

A manager can claim up to 2300 gross euros per fixed month, 4000 euros annual variable.

Advantages : The online banking advisor offers the opportunity to acquire solid knowledge of the banking management field. He can also evolve as a supervisor or as a bank customer advisor for individuals. In addition, these services are mainly located in France which means no subcontracting abroad and recruitment is done in France.

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