Nelson Partners Talks About the Types of Student Housing Options Available Today

Student Housing


Modern students enjoy the benefit of determining the ideal type of student accommodation to spend their college years in, among a number of options available. Each of these options has its own pros and cons. But all of them are equally viable, as long as they meet the specific concerns of a student. Among other options, private halls of residence or private (purpose-built) student accommodation have become pretty popular in recent years. There are many dependable companies associated with developing and managing such accommodation options, including Nelson Partners.

Student housing can be of multiple types, ranging from residence halls and dormitories to special interest housing, and private halls of residence. Each of them have their own distinctive features, and can be perfect for a certain group of students. Here is a brief into common types of student accommodation:

University-owned halls of residence: A lot of freshmen opt for university owned halls as it is arranged by their university itself. University-owned halls of residence usually involved a flat that a person would be sharing with around four to six people. This accommodation is usually quite budget friendly, but also doesn’t have many extra amenities to offer.  Moreover, many of them are not properly managed. Hence, it is better to visit these spaces personally before signing up to live there.

Purpose-built student accommodation: While the university owned halls offer simply the bare essentials, most private accommodation options come with a host of perks that definitely makes the life of the students a lot easier. Along with essentials like super-fast Wi-Fi and communal TVs, many of them also come with comfortable study areas, premium communal rooms, games and activities rooms, and provisions for hosting fun on-site social events.  Many purpose-built accommodation units are also professionally managed by companies like Nelson Partners, who always give a special priority to the needs of the students.  Many good providers put all the monthly costs into one lump sum for the students when it comes to purpose-built accommodations, so that they do not have to go through the trouble of organizing their own providers. The hassles related to the utilities and maintenance of the property will be taken care by the property management company itself.

Family stays: This accommodation option is usually opted by students from abroad at smaller institutions. They basically stay at vacant rooms offered by local families for short terms that do not exceed a year.

While the options mentioned above are the most popular ones, they are not the only ones available to students. Students with a good budget may even opt to privately rent a regular apartment, which they might either share with other students or live by themselves. This type of accommodation allows people to enjoy a certain level of independence and freedom to live in a manner they want in their personal space, without the headaches of getting stuck with roommates they don’t like.

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