Link Building And Maintenance Of Your Site Without Penalties

Link Building And Maintenance Of Your Site Without Penalties


To take the services of a professional SEO Expert for your site has many benefits. It helps you build your site’s reputation and helps you broaden your connections, ensuring exposure. One notable benefit of good link building is that it keeps your site out of penalties – a great enemy for any site looking to achieve a respectable reputation and effective search results ranking for traffic.

Obviously, it is important for any site owner to take note of what constitutes a penalty in order to better monitor their domains, especially since Google’s algorithms have been programmed to observe any suspicious activity with the sites they display on their results pages.

Google has been known to punish sites unfortunate enough to have intentionally or unintentionally committed acts of penalty by keeping them off the top results pages, or worse yet, by blacklisting them from the results pages.

To help you stay informed and keep your site penalty free, best SEO agency in dubai will help you out with that. Keep reading the instructions step wise.  

Bad links

If your site contains links from suspicious sources, you may be one step closer to being penalized.

Unlike using links from authoritative sites and earning a trustworthy reputation yourself, these bad links will give your domain an equally suspicious reputation – not the best tactic for gaining traffic, not to mention a big flag from Google to maintain your page out of Results. You can join SEO Forum to get better insights on that. 

Irrelevant links

We’ve all been to news sites looking to read news updates on climate change or what Trump is up to, only to be distracted by the ten announcements ranging from how to make a bald spot go away to how to lose 20 kilograms in two weeks hanging next to the item.

We then come to the conclusion that the site is annoying and proceed to receive our daily news elsewhere.

This is exactly how irrelevant links can drive customers away from company sites – something Google doesn’t want among the search results they show. Google can detect these unnaturally placed links and penalize your site.

Overloaded links

When people search for something, keywords are used to help search engines include your site. However, some websites tend to use too many keywords, resulting in a “spam” page.

These sites use redundant and irrelevant keywords to try to get more appearances in search results, even with searches that have absolutely nothing to do with your site, which is very unpleasant for viewers and for Google. In order to avoid such reputation contact Digitalmarketing agency or either contact your local SEO Specialist for better guidance. 

Spam links

The constant posting of links to your site in comments and forums is another worthwhile act. Specifically, links with no contextual relationship to what they comment or post.

But even if it has something to do with what the link is commenting on or posting to, if you are constantly posting to the same pages, it could still appear as spam, so the websites you put your site links on should have some variety.

Outlined links

Google also penalizes sites that can “map” together and constantly link their sites to each other for the sole purpose of gaining traffic. These could be two or more sites working together in shifts.

This makes the sites appear illegitimate, not to mention that it will add you to Google’s blacklisted sites.

Google’s standards for what is and what is not suspicious, link building stems from wanting to reduce any chance of webmasters manipulating search results in any way, ensuring that all search engines return legitimate results.

As long as you have a good SEO service company that uses honest and appropriate link building services, then your site should be pretty secure, which is why it is important to get a good company and know for yourself what to do and what not to do.

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