Items to Avoid When Buying Used Furniture

buying second-hand furniture,


Buying furniture is somehow exciting because you get to choose various styles for your home. However, when it comes to buying second-hand furniture, there is a need to add a little caution, considering that the upholstery has been used before by someone else. You will come across nice pieces, but it just makes sense to walk away from some if you don’t want to end up remorseful. Here is a list of things you should keep off when buying used furniture.

Second- Hand Mattresses

Sometimes it is advisable to be careful when buying furniture, especially the ones fitted with mattresses. Used mattresses are a no-go zone for the sake of your health. This should be even more sensitive when you don’t know the seller. In short, keep off used mattresses, especially for infants no matter how low the price is. These mattresses come with various problems like dust, mites, and bed bugs that could be problematic and bring various health issues. So, at all costs, keep off used mattresses.

Smelly and Bug-Infested Furniture

If you come across smelly furniture, keep off.  Getting rid of the smell is close to impossible, and it could be the same reason the previous owner sold it off. Furniture can absorb smell from various places like urine, cooking smells, pets, cigarettes, and fire. Remember this smell the rest of the room. Also, if you notice bugs like lice, and bed bugs crawling, that’s reason enough to stay away from the furniture.

Overpriced Furniture

Rule of thumb! Never buy anything second-hand that costs more than its brand-new counterpart. The price should also not be above the worth of the piece. The price of the furniture should reflect its worth, based on the conditions and any repair that might be required. Sometimes the seller may tag any old furniture as antique and put a higher tag on it. Before buying, know the actual worth of the piece and consider its condition.

Old and Over-Used Furniture

It makes no sense to buy overused furniture with broken parts. Stay away from furniture with lumps, saggy and old pillows that are unfixable, considering that this will not give you the comfort you need. Although you can replace the fabric, it may cost you a bit more than you think. So, inspect every part of the furniture to confirm it is in top-notch condition before buying it.

After you have found worthy furniture, make sure you double-check the following.

  • Missing parts or problems with the structure. Always make sure there are no structural problems. Don’t pick chairs with cracks, and if you have to pick those with weak legs, make sure they are fixable.
  • Damage signs. Loom for various signs that the furniture is damaged.
  • You will also need to double-check if the furniture is illegal for resale.


These are crucial things you must do when buying used furniture. Even if you would love to save money, avoid buying the items mentioned above since they could be a source of other problems. Also, after finding worthy furniture, make sure you double-check the things mentioned above to ensure you bring something perfect to your home.

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