Free 4G and mobile rental

Free 4G and mobile rental


Acquire a phone allowing to use the very high speed 4G (4th generation mobile) network up to 10 times faster than the standardized 3G mobile network at a very high cost.

Is it wise to invest in a 4G compatible smartphone to connect to a network whose national coverage is still low outside major metropolises?

Without wanting to advertise Free Mobile, which always offers an advance on its competitors, why not take advantage of this unique offer in France (and in the world it seems to me) to opt for the leasing solution?

For a rental of 12 € per month for 24 months, you have a top of the range Samsung smartphone (4S or Galaxy Note 3) or Apple (iPhone 5).

Not frantic about your budget. For example, the first price of the Iphone 5S costs just over € 700 without subscription (cheaper with a subscription, but you can not choose a monthly low cost package about € 20).

So do your count. And it is also a unique opportunity to always have a high-tech phone!

Indeed after 2 years either you return your phone, or you rent a new one in the same conditions.

For this you must pay an initial payment between 49 and 129 euros. Added to this is the unlimited 4G mobile plan included at 19.99 € / month.

Okay the national 4G coverage is the weakest with Free, but if you want to buy one of these tech jewels while limiting your telecom budget, why not take the plunge?

For my part I think about it because my Iphone 4G ream, row, row …

For those who are experiencing this offer make us your feedback in the comments. Any opinion to share is good to take.