Chris Bugbee – Are Kid’s Movies Good for Your Child

Kid’s Movies Good for Your Child


Everyone loves entertainment in the form of music or movies. Like adults, children too like to be entertained. When younger, they are generally entertained with toys however once they grow older they look for other avenues of entertainment. They start going to school and make friends. As a parent, this is where you should start to supervise what your children watch and read while growing up. Teachers look after your child in school. You can make learning fun for your child by making them watch kid’s movies that teach them good morals, behavior, and lessons.

Chris Bugbee- How do movies educate your child?

Chris Bugbee is an esteemed name in the field of education in Connecticut. He has served as a school administrator and educator for several years. He says in Hartford and its adjoining areas, teachers play a crucial role in the training and development of kids. He says that kids should enjoy the learning process and not feel harassed by it. This is where he advocates homeschooling where the kids are not taught in public educational institutes but the comforts of their home. The department of education in the area along with its Board of Trustees always endeavor to improve the educational standards in Connecticut and other places like Manchester. Right from the Principal to experienced teachers or recruits in the academic department, everyone is focused on bringing positive impact in the field of education. This news is encouraging for parents who desire to give their kids a high standard of education.

He adds that movies are good audiovisual means to make the learning process an interactive and enjoyable experience. He says that kid’s movies have been produced keeping children in mind. The stories are generally wound around the books they might have read as a toddler. Movies depict the real world to the child, and he or she is able to grasp the lessons taught in a simple way. Kids movies depict the messages of love, friendship, discipline, hard work, etc. These qualities are yet to be developed in a child. Exposure to such movies helps the child understand the essence of good behavior in an enjoyable manner.  He says that parents and kids can watch movies together to build personal bonding. In this way, parents too can spend quality time with their kids in the comforts of home. Moreover, this quality time, later on, develops to create happy memories for the child that is needed for healthy adult life.

Chris Bugbee says that if you have a child at home and want to make him or her learn in an enjoyable way, watching kid’s movies help both of you. Chris Bugbee says that movies that spread knowledge can be a part of homeschooling. This helps the child to learn in a comfortable environment and retain what is taught. Unlike a public school, he or she does not need to keep up with the pace or the standards of the whole class. Learning can be a slow and steady process that wins the race.

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