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If you are passionate about SEO as much as I am, Either you are a novice or you are just curious, Then you should not miss the best SEO experts advice.

People who are passionate about Search Engine Optimization and like to stay updated. On SEO trends read this article to keep an eye on our seo experts guide. why? It helps us to stay updated, to know more about new seo tools and innovative techniques.

Another good option is to take SEO courses to learn in a more direct and appropriate way. If you practice by combining both expert knowledge and practice and you are constant, Then you will learn fast. You will only need to put into practice all the knowledge acquired!

As a director, owner or manager of your SME, you are looking for an SEO expert to take your website to the top in search engines like Google. That’s great, but you have to do a good research, and not settle for the first SEO expert you find, but go a little further.

First of all, what requirements do you have? Do you have a company with 500 employees? Or do you have an SME with 20 employees?

Because the solution to each need is completely different in each case. A large company will be able to face the hiring of an SEO positioning expert in a simple way, and yet an SME will have it more complicated.

But you have to know that many times it is better to have the help of a company structured precisely with the aim of helping you.

Rather than to integrate a new position into a marketing department, which could do its job without adequate supervision, as it is a position not usual in companies and difficult to supervise due to the complexity of the matter.

But do you really need an SEO expert for your company? Or you really need a company with several profiles prepared in online marketing and that has SEO experts among its team.

It is clear that for a SME it is much more interesting to have the help of a multidisciplinary team, which not only has SEO experts, but also experts in Social Networks , experts in Google Adwords , video experts for SMEs, etc …

If it arises the need someday: experts in Inbound Marketing (360º integrated marketing). Since the confidence is going to be much greater, and it is not required to look for a supplier every time an online marketing need arises.

Characteristics of an SEO expert

You have to differentiate between a freelance SEO expert, an SEO expert that you want to work for you in your company’s workforce, an SEO expert who claims to be a company, and an online marketing company that is an expert in SEO.

SEO expert freelance: works by projects. If you want a freelance SEO expert to work for you, you have to know that their work is linked to a project, when the project ends it is disassociated from their work. This has many risks, since SEO requires a lot of maintenance and monitoring work.

SEO expert on staff: it would be one more employee that you hire for your company. This expert should have a high qualification and experience so the salary will be high.

SEO expert posing as an SEO company: the most common you can find on the internet. They usually have very generic, impersonal web pages and pose as companies, when in reality it is a single person working from home. Why is it so common to find these pages on the internet? Because it is a very easy job to start.

But beware! Many of these pseudo-experts do not have enough experience to tackle SEO projects in which the visibility of a company, whether small or large, is at stake. They are usually starting their SEO experience, and your SME should not be guinea pig. In this case it is very easy to hire the wrong person.

Online marketing company expert in SEO: When you hire an online marketing company specialized in SEO, you are hiring experience, versatility, customer service … In addition, in these cases you can ask for help with more topics related to online marketing, such as example social networks. And your expert SEO company already knows you, so everything is much easier and faster.

Be careful which SEO expert you choose and how they do their job, because it can mark the future of your SMEs presence on the internet. All that glitters is not gold, but SEO experts are all who claim to be SEO experts.

Be suspicious of who guarantees you results (because Google itself says you should be suspicious of them), or whoever tells you that you are going to position very quickly ..

Be careful when choosing an SEO expert for your SME, you have to look very carefully.

From SEO articles we can get truly useful information that helps us improve the positioning of a website.

There are many more on the Internet, but if you really want to learn, bookmark this list of SEO Experts around the world NOW.

  1. Natzir Turrado

Natzir is a SEO Consultant and Web Analyst from Barcelona. In his blog he writes about Web Analytics, CRO (Web Conversion) and Search Engine Optimization.

It also includes articles that he has published on other platforms and summaries of papers at different events.

In his articles he reflects his experience, opinions, as well as his own theories and experiments. You will discover new and interesting aspects of the SEO world and practical examples explained step by step.

  1. Andres Kloster

Surely you know him by “The SEO machine”, and if not yet … you’re taking it! In this program, Kloster conducts podcast interviews with different professionals in Web Positioning.

The talks are super interesting since you will have the opportunity to “humanize” many cracks of the Web Positioning.

In addition, you can learn more about the opinion of each professional, their preferred tools and techniques, as well as news in the SEO world.

Kloster is also the CEO and founder of the Eleven Agency located in Argentina.

  1. Dean Romero

Dean is a great leader in the SEO community. In addition to being an expert in SEO Positioning, he is the creator of the template for WordPress Adsense Theme and the SEO tool DinoRank.

His blog Blogger 3.0 is full of very useful and interesting content. Most of his articles are easily explained tutorials and case studies, with examples and multimedia content.

It will surely not leave you indifferent and you will always learn something new.

  1. Borja Aranda Vaquero

On his blog you will find tricks, guides, manuals and definitions of SEO concepts. The content is really useful to improve the positioning of your website.

Aranda explains in a clear and simple way, so it will be easy for you to put his advice into practice.

  1. Borja Girón

Borja Girón is an SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant for WordPress blogs.

He writes on a wide variety of Online Marketing topics, gives SEO On Page tips, explains Blog Positioning techniques, monetization, web resources, etc.

It has also dared with the podcast format and has a wide collection. More than 200 chapters!

I am sure that your posts will help you a lot and you will improve the positioning of your blog.

  1. Bruno Vázquez-Dodero

He is the director of Aula CM and founder of the agency Web y Contenidos. Although Bruno is SEO, on his blog he publishes articles more focused on Online Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media.

It is a great reference but unfortunately his blog is not updated and since 2015 he has not published anything new.

Possibly the reason is that it has given more importance to keeping the CM Classroom blog alive, also recommended.

  1. Emilio García

List this SEO blog as one of your must-haves! Here you will find high quality material on SEO Positioning and Online Marketing.

You will be able to learn and improve your positioning with guides, case studies, real examples and experiments.

In addition, every Monday you can listen to a new podcast with interviews with great SEO figures. I am sure you will like them!

Well, they will bring you closer to great professionals, you will know their experience, specialty and the latest news in the sector.

  1. Shahid Maqbool

Do you want to choose the best SEO services for your company? No need to search more. Now, you have a great option to choose Shahid Maqbool. He is working as an SEO Expert in Dubai.

Shahid is well known for his proven track record and following all the necessary ethical terms. He won SEO Certifications from many established organisations that proves him a best SEO Specialist in Dubai.

  1. Chuiso

Chuiso is well known, so you have surely heard of him. In his blog he talks about Black Hat SEO, monetization and Social Networks.

With Chuiso you will learn many SEO things through tutorials, guides, ebooks, reviews, tools and web services.

Many of his articles include videos, which you can also find on his YouTube channel.

  1. Antonio López

In this blog, in addition to SEO articles, you can learn about e-commerce, social networks, blogging, data protection, content marketing, web analytics and web creation.

Antonio López is SEO Consultant and Strategic Analyst. Participate in many conferences, workshops and congresses.

So take advantage of the blog to post the summaries of your papers and announce the next conferences where you will participate.

  1. Ernesto G. Bustamante

Her blog focuses mainly on SEO optimization and positioning for WordPress. Ernesto also collaborates with the Aula CM Blog.

Their articles are usually guides, tutorials and tips to get more out of WordPress websites or blogs.

For example, you can learn to create a website or online store from scratch, to migrate a website, the best plugins and widgets for WP.

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