7 must have bags you should own

7 must have bags you should own


Give an honest to god answer: how many bags do you own? Are all of them in use? How many are overly stuffed into your hiding places? Of course, a few regular ones are kept handy, but the rest are stored in piles in an area least accessible to Flinstones!

Even the least stylish women are head over heels crazy about bags, and we have to admit the fact that there’s a limit to buying. Unless a few lucky who rule over significant closet square footage, the others do have a space issue and cutting down to the essentials and a handful extra will make it up and avoid an overly stuffed closet.

All you need are six essential bags styles — ready for any occasion.

The everyday bag

The most basic wardrobe item in your bags section should be a simple smart work bag with enough chic look to make it fashionable for an emergency lunch date with a friend. Before investing a lump sum into this essential, look up to the amount of your daily load and make sure you buy something that accommodates everything without looking off! For the ones who barely carry their laptops, don’t indulge in a heavy bag for the once in a blue moon job. Overstuffing is the outcome of investing in too large.

Cross Body

An amazingly wearable and comfortable cross body bag is a must-have for the regular hands-free shopping, train commuting and a walk down the aisle. And for off-duty events, for weekends, on days when your hands are full, the list is endless! The style is perfect whether you wear over the shoulder or across the trunk, leaving a lightweight YOU and your hands-free to browse the store!

Day clutch

A Day clutch is more like a bold and feisty tiny brunch bag for days when you’re out for a couple of hours and need no extra items. The thought that a clutch is a pint-size formal bag acceptable to a cocktail dress is a myth. Clutches nowadays are large, readily accommodating a wallet, a phone and surprisingly a slim pair of ballet flats. Look for Everlane Foldover Pouch or Marni Illusion Clutch for the casual grab-on-the-go look.

Evening clutch

One of the prettiest categories you need without a doubt. Imagine dressing up for a dinner date at nine and carrying a big humongous bag, sounds undeniably off! Instead, pick a simple box style neutral shade evening clutch that goes with your dressy looks like the Inge Christopher Palermo Clutch or the Oscar de la Renta’s Champagne Satin Cabochon Clutch.

The Weekender

I call it the ‘officially grown-up’s bag.” because this is a practical bag kept ready in case of a last minute weekend trip. The weekender isn’t just for the impromptu shore trips; it can work as your gym bag, a regular bag, the carry-o bag to replace your purse and allow you to stuff more essentials while you travel, etc. A smart, chic bag you’d love to own with enormous styles and colours to give a classy finish for the perfect cosmopolitan look like the Gucci’s Technical Canvas Duffle. (ah, the wallet worried ones, chill for once!  Hit the website for exclusive discount coupons on bags and a lot more exciting items.)

The Tote

The tote or  “the roomy mate” as I call it, is the most stylish day-to-day essential to tag along to the office. The open-top long shape comes handy more than imagination. Opt for a bold colour or neutral shades instead of prints to keep it smart and fun without worrying that the bag doesn’t match your look. Also, invest in an appropriate size as per your daily requirements. Check for the magnificent Mango’s Tassel Shopper Bag or Zara Reversible Tote Bag to get some fresh ideas.

Bag for Fun

Instead of piling many unnecessary sacks, it’s wise to have one pretty bag that makes a statement. This might need you to up the money game, but as I said, one quirky clutch or a bag is better than handful cheap ones. Your bag for fun can be any shape, style, colour, structure that shows your personality. Make it a bit sassy and usually in the evening category to get something outstanding. A pretty furry bag, tiny enough to carry for a party but grab the limelight is like the Zara Geometric Print Minaudière. Actually even you had the bags, you also need some pretty clothes to match them, we introduce a dress online to you, brand Ever pretty, you could find really preety and elegant long lace dress there.

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