The best swimsuits for every body type imaginable


It can be hard to find the right bathing suit for your body type but don’t fret we have the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect suit. There are several different body types and shapes, and knowing your shape is a great way to find the perfect suit. You should also remember that your swimwear should be fun and make you feel confident!

If you have a smaller upper body including your chest area you want a suit that can flatter, but that can be challenging. For smaller chests, we recommend that you go for a top that has an embellishment of some sort or ruffles which can make your chest appear to be larger. On the other hand, If you have a larger chest you should go for a top that offers cup sizes and underwire so that your chest are will be supported. For bigger chests, you should also consider tops with wider straps and bands that are double stitched as it is sure to make your chest look amazing!

The most common thing that women have trouble with when it comes to swimsuits is finding a bottom that fits right. It can be very hard to find the correct fit, so here are some tips to help you on your journey of finding something that fits great. If you have a smaller bottom half you should consider bottoms that have frills and ruching as they can help give the appearance of a bigger bottom half. You might also want to consider getting a bottom in a bright colour or a loud print that can distract from your smaller bottom as everyone will be focusing on your cute new suit. If you have a bigger bottom half you are sure to know how hard it can be to get a flattering bottom. If you have a bigger bottom half you should consider getting bottoms that are high-waisted or have more fabric than a string bikini. You should also look for bottoms that are a solid color and go for a printed top which will balance out your bigger bottom half.

We hope that these steps on how to find the right swimsuit for your body type help you on your journey of finding a great swim suit that is flattering in every way.